Daniel Goodman Memorial Symposium

As a courtesy to the symposium steering committee and to help us evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the symposium, please take few moments to answer the following questions regarding the Daniel Goodman Memorial Symposium and your participation.

What was your role in the symposium:

Session Chair
Steering Committee Member

Please describe your professional position (e.g. academic, agency scientist, student, etc.) and briefly explain why you were interested in attending or participating in this symposium.

How many (or what percentage) of the symposium talks did you attend?

Did you find the symposium valuable overall, and which talk(s) or session(s) did you find most valuable?

Do you think the content of the symposium will impact the way you think about and approach conservation, environmental decision-making and management in the future? If so, please briefly describe how.

Was the symposium effective at offering networking or other professional development opportunities?

In your view, were there talks or sessions in the symposium that were not consistent with the purpose or theme of the symposium or that were of lower quality than the rest of the symposium. Please describe.

What other aspects of the symposium could have been improved?

Please provide any additional comments that you think might be helpful to the symposium organizers and funders.