R Labs for Community Ecologists

This section of the Laboratory for Dynamic Synthetic Vegephenonenology (LabDSV) includes tutorials and lab exercises for a course in quantitative analysis and multivariate statistics in community ecology. Example data sets are included and may be downloaded to run the exercises if desired. Please understand, it is not my intention to teach community analysis in these labs. HTML is simply too limiting. My intention is to demonstrate the utility of R for ecological analysis, to teach the rudiments of R syntax, and to make routines and examples available to augment formal study in community ecology.

As a compromise to those more interested in ecology than R, I have written a number of functions that minimize the amount of S you have to learn to perform vegetation analysis. For those also interested in S, I have included annotated copies of the functions at the bottoms of the lab.

The web pages are undergoing a progressive transition to a CSS style sheet and may be in formatting flux for a little while.

The materials and exercises currently available include: